ASNU Injector Testing  CleaningInjectors have various functions. It’s not how much fuel you give the engine, it’s how well you make it burn. We will test to ensure that the fuel being delivered will burn efficiently, thus maintaining maximum performance.


ASNU was developed back in the early Eighties by Alan Skovron, who at the time owned his own fuel injection workshop in Sydney and was regarded as one of the leading fuel injection specialists in Australia. In the 1980’s, the Australian petrol engine vehicle market, percentage wise, had more fuel injected vehicles than most other major counties. With the fuel being of lead based production and by today’s standards, of poor quality, the petrol injector valves began to foul up and clog, restricting the fuel flow and causing poor fuel atomisation.

This poor injector performance affected the engines performance, so more and more companies started to prod
uce chemical cleaning systems, either fluid you add to the fuel in the tank or a pressure system that fitted into the fuel system. Alan had tried the various chemical cleaning systems, with differing results, but none were able to return the injectors 100% to their original condition.2006 saw the demand grow in many areas; Motorsport in particular woke up to the advantages ASNU can offer. Marine and Motorcycle engineers also saw the need for ASNU; Yamaha and Mercury were now using ASNU. Alan experimented with cleaning injectors using ultrasonic's. To test his results, he built a flow bench so that he could see the spray patterns and measure the flow rates. Further experiment using ultrasonic's followed until Alan was able to get the injectors performing as if the were as good "AS NEW" (ASNU).

With the prototype ASNU, Alan started to solve problems on fuel-injected engines that other workshops and other equipment could not resolve. As word spread, he started to rece
ive enquiries from other garages to build an ASNU system for them. With the assistance of a marketing genius, elder brother Mike, the Skovron brothers set about building and marketing the ASNU machine.

Realising the marketing potential of this equipment, they developed a worldwide marketing programme f
ASNU Injector Testing  Cleaningor ASNU. After securing patents on the cleaning process Alan had developed, the brothers travelled the world demonstrating and presenting ASNU. Mike and Alan had the foresight and the talent that has made ASNU what it is today, the market leader in Injector Diagnostics. At the beginning of the 90’s, ASNU was introduced to Europe and the USA. Although the ASNU was well received on both sides of the Atlantic, the need for the machine was only of interest to real fuel injection specialist, as only about 15% of the vehicles in these markets were fuel injected, where as in Australia, they were about 70 – 80% injected. Various people saw the potential of ASNU and took the opportunity to get involved in the future.

Fuel Injection, as was and still is, the biggest developing area in the petrol engine market.